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Family photo of HotTots Founders

HotTots is a family-owned business based in Florida. Our goal is to Make Sun Simple by eliminating the inconvenience and unreliability of sunscreen application on children, while working to minimize the damage that single-use plastics, sunscreen, and fast fashion is causing our Earth.

Graph depicting the costs of a summer of sunscreen vs. purchasing 1 OtterSuit.  The OtterSuit is signinficantly less than a summer of purchasing a variety of high-quality sunscreens


As caregivers, we all know the stress of a day in the sun, from the initial struggle to apply sunscreen on every exposed inch of a squirming child, to the constant reapplication and worry that delicate skin is getting sunburnt. Most parents do not realize that clothing is the most effective form of sun protection anyway! The combination of a UPF* 50+ OtterSuit with a wide-brimmed sun hat will Make Sun Simple, because your child’s skin will be cool, comfortable, and protected all day long with little to no sunscreen.


*UPF measures the amount of UV radiation that can penetrate fabric and reach your skin. UPF 50+ fabric blocks 98% of UV radiation and provides excellent protection.


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The statistics on single-use plastics and their effects on the Earth, most notably our oceans, are startling.  One million plastic drinking bottles are purchased every minute worldwide, and 5 trillion single-use plastic bags are used every single year. If this trend continues, our oceans could contain more plastic than fish by 2050. In addition to these plastics, it is estimated that approximately 660,000 – 880,000 tons of abandoned nylon fishing nets enter the oceans every year, entangling and killing wildlife. 

This is why our OtterSuits are proudly made with revolutionary fabric woven from 78% ECONYL® regenerated nylon yarn made from waste such as fishing nets - including those nylon fishing nets retrieved from the ocean floor - and old carpets and fabric scraps. Therefore, you can shop with the peace of mind that your OtterSuit is not only ethically and sustainably made in the USA (in Florida!), but each one contributes to the removal of garbage from our Earth.



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Sunscreens containing certain chemicals have very harmful effects on coral reefs and other marine life, and have been banned in certain areas, such as Hawaii, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Aruba, and Key West, Florida. Other tropical locales are soon to follow suit, leaving locals and travelers with only two options: expensive mineral-based sunscreens or UPF clothing.  The cost of environmentally responsible sunscreen for a family of four on a week-long vacation far outweighs the cost of one OtterSuit and sun hat, which last all summer long (assuming you can get those babies to stop growing up so fast!). 



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Fast fashion is the mass production of cheap, poor quality, disposable clothing, which comes with a number of environmental consequences.  For example, the fashion industry accounts for one-tenth of all industrial water use, and approximately 20% of wastewater worldwide is attributed to the textile dyeing process. The factory that makes our fabric complies with rigorous European standards for water consumption, using a high-tech wastewater homogenization process, and 83% of the water used in production was recycled in 2021.

In addition, fast fashion uses cheap synthetic materials, which are made from fossil fuels and account for approximately 35% of all microplastics entering our oceans. By contrast, not only is our fabric made from 78% ECONYL® regenerated nylon, but 99% of the waste generated in the production of our fabric is recycled and reused. 

Finally, cheap clothing leads to excessive consumption of garments, which end up in landfills or are incinerated, creating harmful gases. Our OtterSuit is made to last, and we encourage you gift it to others to be re-worn by as many children as possible. Alternatively, you can return your used OtterSuit to us through our unique OtterUp Program and get 10% off your next purchase.  If the OtterSuit is in good condition, it will be donated to kids in need, and if not, we will recycle the materials and zippers into new products. Learn more about our OtterUp Program here.




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