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Updated: Mar 21

This post is mostly for parents in the southern U.S. (looking at you, Florida, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, Hawai’i, Mississippi, and Georgia!). We are approaching that time of year when our northern friends post pictures of themselves frolicking outdoors in sweaters, while we sip our iced pumpkin lattes and buy fake fall leaves from our local craft store.

Every Halloween, we struggle to find a costume for our child that won’t cause a heat stroke.  He has been a sweaty pig, a sweaty ghost, a sweaty sanitation worker (two years in a row!), and a sweaty Encyclopedia Brown. The struggle is real. 

Cute baby wearing pig costume
The cutest sweaty pig ever, though!


The good news is that we have a solution! You can now pair your cool, lightweight, UPF 50+ OtterSuit with a costume accessory set for the perfect hot weather Halloween costume. No more complaining about bulky costumes and cutting trick or treating short due to the heat and humidity. More trick or treating = more candy for you to eat after bedtime!


Check out a few of our awesome Halloween costumes for hot weather: 

Happy Halloween!




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